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Mooshee App

Custom weaning plan,
created by nutritionists
and enhanced by
machine learning algorithms

Tip top food for your buttercup

Reduce weaning stress

Get your thinking cap off and let the app come up with suitable meals containing every key ingredient your growing baby needs

Keep your baby healthy

Mooshee keeps track of your kid's allergies, deficiencies and preferences and creates meal plans that will make the little monster giggle with enthusiasm

Spare some time for yourself

Automatically generate complete weekly menus and transform them into shopping list. Share them with your significant other and get things done, faster.

How does it work?

1. Take the quiz

Let us know a few things about the little one: age, preferences, weaning history

2. Tap to generate the weekly meal plan

Our algorithm will tailor a meal plan for your baby, in a matter of seconds

3. Swipe to replace recipes

Fine tune the plan to perfection or skip a meal altogether, if you're on the go

4. Track the favorites

Let our algorithm know what your tiny one loves; healthy can also be yummy

5. Tap to generate the shopping list

The week's ingredients, instantly shared with your secret shopping minions

6. Enjoy the ride

A smooth experience for the parents, a fun introduction to the world for the kid

Our story

We’re parents just like you, with joys and fears, hundreds of questions on baby feeding and with a huge appetite for research. When our sunshine came into the world, we thought – “Are current baby feeding plans really accurate? Is there something that can be done better? “

So we turned to the Internet. But, boy, things were complicated. Literally hundreds of feeding plans, misleading information and way too many “specialists”. Also, making provisions and the actual cooking was taking long hours. We had no actual plan, so every shopping or cooking seemed like a first time. Add the daily pressure of correct feeding and it all went sideways!

So, we reached out to experienced parents and nutritionists to build an app that delivers a customized recipes’ plan for your bundle of joy. On the side, you can have the food delivered or have the shopping list sent to your significant other.

You just need to get groovy in the kitchen and Mooshee takes care of it all for you!

Happy cooking!
Silvia & Alex

Mooshee handles the details
so you can focus on what matters

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